Dimitri Midnight

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Dimitri Midnight

Post by Metilinos on Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:40 pm

Name: Dimitri Midnight
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
- Eyes: Dimitri, for the son of a sea divinity, has an unusual eye color of light brown or hazel.
- Hair: Dimitri's hair leans closer to the darker side of brown, but however, is not dark enough to ever be mistaken for black hair. He has it cut whenever it gets too long, but never leaves it short enough that it isn't useful to him. He has stubble for facial hair, and shaves if it ever gets too long.
- Weight: Dimitri weighs rougly about 165 pounds. He has a strong figure, for working out in the fields of Midnight Farm his entire youth.
- Height: Dimitri is six feet on the nose.
- Clothing Preference: Dimitri prefers function in his clothing over fashion or comfort. Despite having grown up in the heated south, he's never worn a pair of shorts before. When working in the farm, jeans and work pants were needed in order to protect the skin. Dimitri will almost always be wearing jeans and boots, along with tankard, flannel shirts, and occasionally t-shirts.
God Parent: Proteus, better known as an old man of the sea, is a god of the sea.
- Hershel Midnight (Adopted): Hershel is Dimitri's adopted father. He's too old to have been Dimitri's real father, though Dimitri never questioned this until his parents came out and told him that he was adopted when he was thirteen. Hershel looks to be in his fifties, with wrinkles and callouses. He's a very kind man, and has taught Dimitri everything he knows. Him and his wife are both demigods, and Proteus gave Dimitri to them to protect him until it was time for him to go to camp.
- Jillian Midnight (Adopted): Jillian looks to be only slightly younger than her husband. However, despite her age, her blonde hair is naturally vibrant and alive. She's full of energy all of the time, and looks at the brighter side of things in life constantly. She's the sort of person that you simply cannot be unhappy around.
- Lilith Hemsey (Biological): Lilith is Dimitri's biological mother. Proteus took Dimitri from her, as per her request, as he would know where he would go and end up best. Dimitri had no clue who his mother is or where she is. Unknown to him, she's a brunette librarian who resides in Washington.
Place of Origin / Residence: Midnight Farm, Georgia. Though he hasn't been home since he was thirteen.
Personality: Dimitri takes after his mother in the sense that he always attempts to get people to look at the better side of things. He believes that everyone has good in them, and that they can always reach it so long as they are helped. Dimitri's convictions and can-do attitude push him to go further always. He's fond of bodies of water, animals, and farming. Dimitri always picks work and helping others over any other activity. However, Dimitri also has a vital sense of homesickness that constantly strikes him. He'll often miss his home and parents often, and contemplate when he feels ready to go home.
Gear: Dimitri hasn't yet dawned any armor or weaponry for himself yet, except for a curved dagger made of celestial bronze.
Talents / Skills: Dimitri has a knack for farming, a benefit of growing up with it for so long. Along with the knowledge of plants and crops, he also knows how to care for animals and loves riding horseback. Dimitri has a knack for connecting to people and animals. He also, unsurprisingly, is a natural at swimming.
Abilities / Powers: Dimitri can will water. This can be used in any context. He can stay dry and breathe in the ocean, he can let rain drops slip right off of him, and he can morph actual water around him, even form waves of water if need be. Willing water works like a muscle. He can only do it so often and in so many amounts before he gets tired and possibly passes out. If he's pushing his limits, he can pass out in simply a few minutes. In addition to his water morphing, he can also use water to heal open wounds, though this is just as taxing as forming waves. Dimitri, however, has a massive advantage in water, as it rejuvenates his own body.
Strengths: Dimitri is physically strong, fast, and has a will of steel. And, of course, his powers also would count towards his strengths. In addition, he can also befriend people quite easily.
Weaknesses: Dimitri grew up on a farm where he was purposely sheltered. He has no idea what many modern aspects of pop culture include, and on occasion, ever doesn't know what some technology is. In addition to this, is Dimitri's lack of combat knowledge and weapon knowledge. To top it off, Dimitri does not know how to properly lie, and has not ever even made the attempt.
Flaws: Dimitri has a vile case of homesickness that will eat away at him at random times. He also has an odd flaw that many people have the opposite of; he is a horrible liar and will rarely make the attempt to lie, if ever. The demigod is stubborn, in the sense that he'll never stop doing what he's doing, so long as he thinks it's for the greater cause. Because of this, Dimitri doesn't understand some aspects in life.
History: Dimitri was born in Washington on a storming night. A librarian, who had learned to love a man strictly for his knowledge, was about to learn that she was giving birth to something special. When her former lover appeared to her after child birth to explain who and what he was, Lilith immediately said she wasn't fit to care for a demigod. She begged her former lover to find a place for the child. And he did so.

Dimitri was brought to two demigods who resided in a secluded farm. He learned everything he knew about social conventions from watching his parents interact with visitors, which wasn't too common. He only ever met a few kids his age growing up, and he only ever got to see them once or twice. His parents were sheltering him from the world outside. However, he grew up a very happy child, especially with a whimsical mother like Jillian.

One day, before he turned thirteen, his parents knew that it was time to tell him. So they explained to him that he was someone special, a demigod. They never explained how they knew, or admitted that they themselves were demigods, and Dimitri never questioned it. He was too freaked out at the moment. And only second later, his dad got in his old and smelly truck and brought Dimitri to Camp Half-Blood. Dimitri hasn't seen him sense, though he remembers his dad's last word.

"You'll see me again."

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Re: Dimitri Midnight

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