Glass Is Only Hot Sand

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Glass Is Only Hot Sand

Post by Metilinos on Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:06 pm

Dimitri always liked waking up early in Camp Half-Blood. Sure, he sometimes slept in, but there was a certain sense of serenity in waking up early with the sun. People were still asleep, and silence was somewhat abundant in camp. This was only when the Hermes cabin wasn't ruining said peace shortly after, but Dimitri woke up before even them.

Of course, there were others with a similar routine. The Demeter cabin in particular had some members that woke up early, a custom in working in farms that Dimitri was fond of. He thought about tending to the strawberry fields, but just from the sight of it, there were already a good amount of kids there. And Dimitri was already feeling homesick enough as it was. The last thing he needed to cure him of it was working with plants.

The demigod found himself at the beach. For once, it was empty. Long Island Sound, Christ, it was beautiful. Dimitri rarely visited it, at least compared to many of the other campers. He kept himself busy, but mornings were sometimes a different case. There was always someone to help do something during the day, but not during the morning. Looking out into the ocean, Dimitri thought about if his father was being chased by some seeker of knowledge.

That sounds like a fun life for a god to live.

"Oh, hey." Dimitri said, his southern accent overpowering his voice. It was Alex, someone Dimitri had recently met a few mornings ago. "Mornin'."

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Re: Glass Is Only Hot Sand

Post by Green on Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:41 pm

Whelp, it's another morning to get up with the sun for the son of Demeter. Stretching, he hopped down from his bunk, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Yesterday had been a long day with him spending most of his time in the strawberry fields. Mostly because he didn't have anything better to do with his time other than keep the fields. His feet touched the cold hardwood floors of the number four cabin and slowly walked over to the foot of his bunk where Alex kept most of his clothes. The Greek demigod quickly shimmied on a pair of black gym shorts and a green tank top before making his way to the bathroom.

After breathing his teeth and washing his face, the camper walked down the stairs of his cabin and headed to the Mess Hall. Once there, Alex grabbed a goblet of chai tea, two blueberry muffins and headed out to the ocean's shore.

Once there, he stared out into the ocean, not noticing his dear friend Dimitri there. Turning his head, Alex smiled kindly at him. "Good mornin' to you too." He walked over to his friend and offered him a muffin. "Here. I didn't know if you were coming out her, I swear." the mortal son of Demeter chuckled lightly with a grin still on his face.

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