Update 0 (Introduction to the Lore)

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Update 0 (Introduction to the Lore)

Post by Metilinos on Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:35 am

When I started working on this little project with my co-admin, Alex, (who is also awesome) I really wanted to have a forum where there was an on-going plot that everyone could contribute to and play a part in. So, these updates will serve to catch people up who are just starting on the site or didn't participate in a part of the plot. I'll start writing these in an in character format as someone telling a story, once the story begins. The plot won't begin until there's some interested members, and it will keep going with new plots until there is no longer any interest. The plot is completely an optional thing, you can ignore it if you'd like! But, I encourage you to participate, as it forces your character into some situations with heavy gravity in them.

As the story stands right now, the forum takes place in an alternate universe where the Greeks and Romans were never cursed to be in an eternal battle. The events of the Heroes of Olympus never happened, and years after the events of The Last Olympian, Percy and his friends have moved on from Camp Half Blood. The Greeks, Romans, and Aztecs have no idea that any of them exist. This is going to change, and soon. Who knows what possible consequences might await? And furthermore, who else is out there besides these three factions?

The plot will see all of our characters playing out vital parts in what could be possibly world-changing events. In some cases, special characters will be needed, and members will be allowed to apply for a special character. Special characters are those who couldn't be typically made by the standards of normal character rules. Once they have that character, they'll have to play out that part in the lore. However, if all goes well, they might just make it to become a member of one of the camps themselves.

To enter a character into the plot is to risk their lives, especially if there is a prophecy involved. The fates are always right, and if you try to make them wrong, things always go bad. It's always best to go forward and hope that if you do your best, the meaning isn't always what it seems. I look forward to making a great story with all of you!

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