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Here is where you can view information on all of the camps. More camps will likely be added in the future, so long as there is interest for them. Most people will already know about Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter, but Azteca Jungla is an original creation by Alex, and I recommend that you read about it.

Camp Half Blood:
Camp Half Blood is proud home of the Greek Demigods. It embodies a summer camp, with cabins and activities. However, unlike most summer camps, Camp Half Blood only houses children of gods with a few exceptions. Chiron, an ancient centaur, and Dionysus run the camp. Heroes are raised here, and from some of the preferred activities, it can be seen why. Rather than canoeing, you'll often see the members of this camp forging weapons, sword fighting, and flying pegasi over arts and crafts.

Like a summer camp, most of the residents of Camp Half Blood go home for the duration of the main year. This is if they can blend into society, which is harder to do if you're a stronger demigod. Most campers leave Camp Half Blood shortly after their teenage years are up. It's hard to say whether or not they go on to lead long or happy lives. The demigods sleep and dine based on their god parent, being grouped always with their half-siblings.

Greek demigods must be claimed by their god parents and taken to camp by the age of thirteen. This is something the gods swore to on the river Styx. Athena, however, claims her children at birth. Satyrs generally find demigods, unless special conditions apply, and bring them to Camp Half Blood.

The Greeks use Celestial Bronze as their metal to combat monsters and divine beings. Although, the Hunters of Artemis, who associate with the Greeks, use silver as their metal in combat. The hunters are a female only group who pledge to give up men and commit their life to the hunt for Artemis. They travel with Artemis in the name of the hunt, and on occasion stay in their cabin in Camp Half Blood.

Camp Jupiter:
Camp Jupiter is home of the Romans, who are structured to be a well oiled machine. The Romans fight and work with strict team work. Their camp looks like more of an ancient military camp than a summer camp. Likewise, it isn't often that kids leave Camp Jupiter. Once you've joined Camp Jupiter, and you serve for ten years, you're granted citizenship to New Rome.

New Rome is a city withing Camp Jupiter, and is the one true safe haven in the world for demigods to live. The demigods walk the streets unarmed, not fearing anything harming them. It's protected by Camp Jupiter, and often sought for by those who serve Camp Jupiter. For a demigod who wants to raise their family, this is the holy grail.

Roman demigods can be claimed by their parents whenever they feel like it. This can happen at any time, any age, and any place. A Roman demigod is found by Lupa's wolf pack and brought to Lupa herself to be trained to survive. Once Lupa has deemed the Roman worthy, they are sent off to travel on their own to Camp Jupiter. If they survive, they are assigned to their cohort once they arrive. Romans are separated by cohorts, assigned by how they are looked at upon arrival.

Romans use Imperial Gold as their metal to combat the divine. This metal is in extreme shortage. The Romans also have legacies, mortals and demigods who have godly blood further up in their tree than parent. They can adopt powers from that bloodline, though they won't be as strong as a direct parentage. Legacies are treated the exact same as demigods in Camp Jupiter.

Azteca Jungla:
Azteca Jungla is located in South America, in a large jungle. The direct entrance to it is a cave, guarded by immortal jaguars. The only way to gain access into the camp is to be truly brave. Alternatively, the camp is also surrounded by bamboo walls, which in theory wouldn't be hard to break. But you'll be spotted and dealt with before you even get close.

The Aztec demigods are right at home in this territory. Taking the fight into the jungle with these demigods is simply a horrible idea. The Aztec's know nature, especially the jungle. These tribal like demigods though, are generally not a naturally hostile people.

The Aztecs find their camps when their gods decide they do, as the Aztec gods in general care much more for their kids than the Greek and Roman gods do. The Aztec gods watch over their kids, and when they feel they are ready to face the truth, they knock them out and place them a mile from Azteca Jungla with a weapon they feel suits them. Once a child makes it, and they rarely don't, they can bathe their hands in the scared fire within their walls and learn who their god parent is.

The Aztecs fight with a metal called Conquest Steel. It's light and durable, though used in creative ways when it comes to the Aztecs. The Aztecs have rare and gifted children who are born with the power to expel their spirit from their body and into nature, depending on what domain their parent rules. A child of a water god would be able to lend their own spirit into water. However, the body is susceptible to anything during this time.

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