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Post by Metilinos on Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:52 pm

Here's where you can buy stuff and things with your hard earned gratuity. If you want to make a purchase, contact or PM either Alex or myself. If you're buying a relic or quest, you'll have to get approval from one of us as to what the relic or quest is. The same goes for what god will visit your character if it isn't a parent and what pet you can have if you buy a pet.

Worldly Animal as Pet - 800 Gratuity

Gift from god parent - 900 gratuity

Surprise Demigod Dream - 500 gratuity

Magical Relic - 1,500 gratuity

Quest - 1,000 Gratuity

Godly Visit (From parent only) - 1,000 Gratuity

Godly Visit (From non-parental god) - 1,500 Gratuity

Big Three Demigod/Legacy - 9,000 Gratuity (For the time being)

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