Rules (Important)

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Rules (Important)

Post by Metilinos on Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:18 am

Rules can be added at any time.

General Rules:
- Use common sense.
- Please be respectful towards all members of the site at all times.
- Listen to members of the staff, we know what we're talking about.
- Cursing is allowed if it's censored. Soft-core words are exempt from a need to censor.
- Do not bump, double post, spam, double account, or advertise without permission.
- No pornographic content is allowed anywhere on the site.

Roleplaying-Specific Rules:
- You can only roleplay with characters who have been approved.
- Do not enter a private topic without permission for those who created it.
- Vehicles are not allowed in any of the current three camps. Firearms are a special case-by-case scenario.
- No Godmodding. This means that you cannot kill or helplessly beat another character without permission unless certain variables apply. The same circumstances go with trying to manipulate their thoughts and emotions.
- Usage of drugs must be censored if your character is using them. While I don't personally agree with the usage of drugs, it can be a strong character development tool. Alcohol does not need to be censored, however, it is banned from Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter (save for New Rome, where you must be 21 years old) at all times. The Aztec Settlement has not banned alcohol for those who are at least eighteen years of age.
- Gods and key mythological figures (Chiron, Octavian, etc) cannot be played as NPCs, and must be controlled by staff or those with permission.

Quest and Lore-Specific Rules:
- If you have a quest idea, it must be approved by an administrator before you can begin to roleplay it.
- If a quest is approved, the staff can help by playing monsters or key figures, if you wish. Lore quests always will have staff members playing figures and creating settings.
- Entering your character into a spot in the lore does mean they can die if the story calls for it. Be careful on who you pick to send. However, if your quest isn't part of the on-going story, the same Godmodding rules apply, and they can't be killed without your permission.

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