Character Template and Rules

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Character Template and Rules

Post by Metilinos on Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:24 am

Rules can be added at any time.
- Check or ask if you're allowed to use a certain god before creating your character if you're unsure.
- Your character must be balanced. There is no such thing as an unbeatable character, and flaws create depth within your character.
- You may not have a character considered too overpowered.
- Hunters of Artemis are forbidden to have any sort of intimate or romantic relationship.
- Ask for permission to have special gear or pets.
- No mind-reading or future-seeing powers are allowed.
- Charmspeak and shapeshifting will only be allowed under rare circumstances. It's forbidden without permission.
- Powers and abilities must relate to your god parent or legacy.
- Hunters can be mortal or Greek demigods ONLY.
- A Roman Legacy can have powers from up to three gods. However, with each god that gives power, the far less power each area will have.
- If your application is a pleasant or long read and made to approver feel like they read a special character, you may be awarded gratuity.
- Greek demigods must be claimed by the time they're thirteen.
- Firearms go on a rare basis to certain characters. At the moment, no one will have them.
- Spirit bender Aztecs cannot have any other powers besides spirit bending if they're a spirit bender.
- Big Three demigods and legacies must be bought before they can be made.
- Forbidden god parents include: Any kind of titan, Artemis, Hera, Diana, Juno, Pan, and Minerva.

The basic template below has everything that must be filled out to create a character. Be as original as you'd like, and we will help you through the process! Feel free to modify the template in any way to add more information, as the below form is just bare bones.

Basic Template:

Godly Lineage:
Parents (Whether they're mortal, demigods, adopted, or biological):
Place of Origin / Residence:
Talents / Skills:
Abilities / Powers:
History: (This needs to include how your character either joined the hunt, was claimed, or was found by Lupa's pack, depending on what camp the character resides in.)

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